The cyberwar with 49'er fan Sean Gates was responsible for a lot of bad graphics like the one above

Since this site has been around for more than a decade, I've managed to create or collect some pretty stupid stuff.

My buddy Boomer had this thing for Korean lingerie model Sung Hi Lee and kept sending me photos with commentary of what he'd like to do with her. Finally, having listened to his boastings for far too long, I decided to take the asian hottie out on the sailboat one Saturday afternoon and provide evidence of such.

Lost forever is the first website I ever created for my boys' U8 soccer team, but I was able to salvage at least one image of Matt

  Poor Boomer couldn't handle my way with the ladies









Packer Party Train
Poor Dan fell for this hard. Sorry.
Dorfworld turns 10 in 2009
A look back at a decade of stupidity and foolishness
My Taper is Missing!
my taper was abducted at work last week. Heinous.
Our Wedding Day
A look at the festivities as seen through my camera.
Dayhiking the Mariner Trail
Yumi and I spend a lovely Sunday afternoon along the lake
You Can Own This Home!!!
Yumi wants to sell her lovely home & I'm gonna help
I'm Going to Be Rich!!!
Goofy William "mistakenly" sent me inside info
A Month in my place of Work
Definitely bizarre & true
Frank Needs a Date
Help a former U.S. Marine and find love
We're Getting Married! But When?
Yes, we're gonna do it. Sometime
Boomer's F-15 Flight
"Boomer", tells us about his joy ride in a F-15 without puking
ESPN is Pissing me off
Their non-sports programming sucks
Players I love to hate
The NFL's biggest shitheads according to me
Road Ragers: Bad Rap?
Road Rage saves lives and makes the roads safer
The birth of dorfworld
After this, I should have aborted

About the top banner:
Well call this guy "Mr T". I dared T to plank our bosses desk and he was dumb enough to do it.


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