I find it a bit embarassing to talk about oneself, but what the hell. I'm basically a lifelong resident of Manitowoc, WI. Except for a few years spent in southern WI and Northern IL, Manitowoc has been my home. It's a great place to raise a family, though it can get a little cold and boring during the winter months.

My formative years were spent mosty playing sports all summer long and at Lincoln High---Football, Basketball and Track. I was fortunate enough to play in two state basketball tournaments, two state track meets (State champs in 1980) and made All-FRVC as a running back and as a guard (basketball) for LHS. High school was a blast. An ACL injury during my senior year quashed any hopes I had of playing past high school, though I did run track,play lacrosse and party at Ripon College earning a degree in Sociology and Anthropology.

Married and divorced with two boys, I am now again married to the lovely Yumi and coaching the boys when time permits. See, with Yumi in my life I have gained another son and two daughters. It's all good even though at times I want to run away and never come back.

My latest hobbies are backcountry camping with Yumi and whoever I can beg to come along with me. Before that it was web design. Before that it was guitar. Before that it was golf. I still do those other things but I don't obsess and plan a golf game for a year like I do my trips to the mountains. I'm sick that way.




Dorf Factoids...

Has no ACL or much catilage left in either knee

I never had gotten lost before meeting Yumi

Nickname as a youth was "Norton"

The Wonder Years

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