sSince meeting Yumi, we have together explored our nation's National Parks, skied in Michigan's U.P. and explored the Wisconsin Dells and other places. Here is a sample of our travels.

February, 2008: Phoenix Soccer Weekend
Yumi, Nick and I exchange the winter cold for more of the same in Phoenix for Nick's soccer tourney.
Rafting the Poudre River was the highlight of our 2005 trip to Rocky Mountain National Park






August, 2006: Japan
Yumi takes her kids to Japan to meet grandma and grandpa
December 2005: Ski Brule Weekend
Another exciting weekend of spills and thrills
August 2005: Rocky Mountain National Park
Yumi and I take the family out to RMNP for a week in early August, 2005
December 2004: Ski Brule Weekend
Now becoming a family tradition, we head back to Ski Brule and hit the slopes during Christmas break.
October 2004: Agawa Canyon Train Tour
Needing to get away from work and school, Yumi and I head north of the border and get snowed on
August 2004: Mall of America
We went to the mall and didn't get along too well. But what can you expect from a trip to Minnesota?
June 2004: Wisconsin Dells
We needed to get the kids out of town for a little bit before taking off to Glacier National Park
December 2003: Ski Brule Weekend
Skiing and snowboarding during Christmas break in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
August 2003: Rocky Mountain Tour
Yumi and I decide to take the entire tribe in a 29' RV to Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, & Black Hills
June 2003: Wisconsin Dells
What could be more "Wisconsin" than to head to the Dells for a weekend?
February 2003: Toad the Wet Sprocket
Yumi and I head to Milwaukee for a Toad the Wet Sprocket concert and some sizzling hot Thai food.
Yumi and the Munchkin at the Dells
Todd having a good time in Montana's Rock Creek


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