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yumi's house
Yes! You can own this home and hasten our marriage at the same time.

As you may know, Yumi and I are engaged to be married. The only problem we're having is figuring out where to live. We could all fit in Yumi's house but it's still not quite big enough to be comfortable for 7 people. Plus there's the other stuff outlined previously.Therefore, I am going to sell her house so that we can move to a bigger place.

Latest Activity
We are finally all moved in to the new place. I am already thinking of how we can do this easier when we move to the Rockies in 11 years!

We're moving stuff from Yumi's place to our new residence. I'd rather be a work!!

Yumi has way too much stuff to pack and move!

The house is sold. Closing date of November 15. Alll that needs to be done is replace the septic tank and pack.

The prospective buyer made a trip up from Florida to look at the house. Yumi's Realtor thinks a sale is imminent.

An expected low-ball offer has been made. A counter-offer has also been made. This is getting good.

Yumi is planning on cleaning out the basement when the semester is finished

Yumi had the screen porch screen replaced and painted the interior.

Interesting Facts

Wild Turkeys have been known to march through Yumi's yard en route to god knows where.

Deer can often be spotted through the kitchen window and in the woods between Yumi's home and her neighbor's.

There is a small wetland behind the backyard.

Though Iam not a licensed Real Estate agent, I know quality home when I see one. This is a quality home.

Let me tell you about it in depth. We'll start with the upstairs. There are two large bedrooms which could easily accomodate 2 people each. There is another, smaller room which could be used as a bedroom or as a home office. This room is also wired for cable internet and includes a built-in desk. Sweet.

Also upstairs is a large bath with two (yes, that's right) sinks, a very large linen closet and new tub and shower fixtures and surround. If one really needed the extra room, you could put a cot in that bathroom for an unexpected house guest.

The downstairs is lovely. All new, custom woodwork within. Custom ceramic tile in the entry and kitchen. The living room is also wired for home theatre and features a gas burning fireplace. Recessed track lighting creates a lovely ambiance, as does the built in entertainment cabinetry and gas burning fireplace.

The House
SQ. FT   2000 FT
BDRM   3.5
BATH   2.5
GARAGE   2 CAR Plus Detached Coach house with living quarters and additional 2-CAR garage.
YARD   Huge---1.4 acres
Photo Gallery

The kitchen features all kinds of good stuff that any real man knows nothing about. I can tell you that the pantry spins, making everything accessible. There's also a breakfast bar. The dining room features hardwood flooring and has a lovely view of the back yard. More on the back yard later.

Also on the lower level is the master bedroom. I don't know how big this room is, but it's big. There is also a bathroom down there and access leading to the screen porch. That screen porch would be an ideal spot to install a spa as the water source is right there. If we don't sell the house, we are going to install one ourselves.

The back yard is perfect for a family. Wooded near the back, this is a perfect spot to look for wildlife. I've seen deer, turkeys, rabbits, opossum, squirrels and Bison. No, I didn't really see a bison but I wanted to make sure you were paying attention. Anyway, there is also a play set erected back there with swing, slide, and a high, enclosed platform.

I have to be honest and tell you that the back yard is rather large, which is why Yumi is willing to throw a John Deere mower in the deal.

The best part of the property in my humble opinion is the detached coach house. Having trouble with the wife or the kids are getting on your nerves? Escape to the coach house where you can cook, watch TV and sleep withot being bothered by pesky family members. Is the mother-in-law coming to visit? Ship her out to the Coach house and get her out of your hair. This in itself is worth the asking price. The Coach house also houses two vehicles and all the excess junk you've accumulated over the years.

In conclusion, this can all be yours for $229,000.




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