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I had quite the time trying to get my first web effort online. Luckily I kept a timetable of the debacle, which is below

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April-Early May
  • Play around with HTML coding. Create golf .page by hand. Packer page also written by hand
  • Purchase Adobe Pagemill May 14th from Spend the extra 10 bucks for next day delivery.
  • Continue to work on site using Pagemill.
Thur., May 27
  • Went down to my local ISP to get necessary data for a successful upload.
  • After the kids put to bed, I checked over the site to make sure everything was shipshape for the next day's uploading. All systems go
Fri., May 28
  • Giddy at work all day in anticipation of my impending WWW fame. Talk to "macguru" ---the resident Macintosh genius and savior at my ISP.
  • Upload using the FTP in Adobe Pagemill. Easy as pie
  • Check site. It didn't work. Message: "No URL Found"
  • Too late to call ISP and guru for help. Must wait for Monday. Shit. Memorial Day. Tuesday then.
  • Recieve E-mails from boomer asking if he needs special security clearance to access my site. Real funny.
  • Spend some time re-doing some of the site and making other improvements
Tue., June 1
  • Giddy at work once again.
  • Go to ISP only to discover guru is no longer "with us". Thought he died in some freak mountain bike accident. Lucky for him he didn't. Unlucky for me in that he quit.
  • E-mail Steph at ISP support for help.
  • Try uploading again but duplicate all site files instead. Spend most of night deleting files and correcting errors. This sucks and is pissing me off.
Wed, June 2
  • Decide to download "Fetch" and try again on my own.
  • uploading successful except I run out of disk space. Forgot that I had already uploaded about 3 MB worth of stuff.
  • At least site is up--without images.
  • E-mail Steph with instructions to just delete entire site.
Thur., June 3
  • Try again with Fetch.
  • Get another message saying that the disk is full.
  • Trash copy of Fetch and download another one.
  • Try again with Fetch.
  • Get another message saying that the disk is full.
  • Waste 2 hours reading the help files on Fetch---which by now I'm calling "Wretch".
  • Try Pagemill again. Program can't find the file because it's "innaccesible." This is BS--it's where it always was.
  • Download "Anarchie Pro 3.5"
  • Trash Anarchie Pro 3.5 as it's "help" section consisted of "tips". Not good enough for a moron like me.
Fri. June 4
  • Go back to ISP to talk with Steph. Was hoping to find guru at his old desk. Why did that guy have to quit before site is up and running?
  • Spend quality time with Steph but can't get anything to work. She again deletes my entire file and makes a few suggestions. Didn't have the heart to tell her I'd already tried what she'd suggested. Just so I don't feel bad, Steph makes a home page for me that says in it's entirety "Site under construction. Come back soon"
  • Tried anyway with the Pagemill.
  • As usual....Failure.
Sat., June 5
  • Tried again.
  • Failed again.
  • Starting to embrace failure like I would a long lost brother.
Sun., June 6
  • Prayed for guidance and/or divine intervention at Church.
  • Discovered that God doesn't give a damn about the WWW or my contributions towards it.
June7th- 18th
  • dorfworlddotcom continues to evolve in front of my eyes only. Can't help but think the World is missing out. Somebody help me---I'm going up in flames!!!!!!!!
Sat., June 19
  • Through some miracle of fate, and divine intervention, and maybe even one of Steph's suggestions, the site is mysteriously uploaded (and I think it's where it's supposed to be) with only one glitch. That's right... My site says only "Site under construction. Come back soon". we'll see what happens on Monday when the Stephmeister gets a look at it.
Mon., June 21
  • Hey, you're reading this so I finally made it. There are some problems with backgrounds on a few pages, but nothing that can't be fixed---probably.
Tue., July 13
  • Golf page still a mess from the original uploading. Is it a coincidence that this was one of the pages originally written in pure html code?
  • "Smak of the Week" section (in the packers page) begins gaining nationwide attention on the cnnsi message boards.
Tue., Aug 3
  • Heard through the grapevine that my buddy Shawn/macguru had returned to my ISP. I'll have to check that out.
  • Decided to give the site a new facelift. The GOLF section that was once my pride and joy has become a casualty and will soon be gutted.
  • No more problems with uploading or site maintenence. Yeah, but for how long?
Sun,. Aug 16
  • Began working on the Badger football page and a serious attempt to single-handedly win the Heisman Trophy for Ron Dayne
Mon., Sept. 6
  • Badger and Dayne pages up and running, complete with opening game results.
Sat., Sept 18
  • Deleted Saibot's column. Apparently Saibot is too busy to "random blast" anymore.
Sat., Dec.12
  • After blowing $500 bucks Christmas shopping, the dorfman has a burst of creative energy and gives the home page a new look.
Mon, Mar. 4
  • Wondering why I even bother to keep this page up?



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