Our Wedding Day as Seen Through the Eyes of Dorf's Camera

Mr. and Mrs. Dorf

My Wedding day: The culmination of almost 4 years of sucking up, begging, grovelling and pretending to be someone I am not. Yes, I pulled off one of the greatest coups in history when I fooled Yumi into saying "I will". I love it when a plan comes together.

The best part was that this was about as informal a wedding as you could get, held at a nature center at a state forest campground. No, it wasn't as pretty as some of the other places we've been, but infinitley more comfortable than a church. To put it plainly, I was at ease the entire day and had no feeling like I did before my first marriage when I asked my best man "what the hell am I doing?"

All seriousness aside, things came off without a hitch and I was there with my trusty Cannon Powershot to chronicle the entire affair.




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