The kids are a constant source of torture. All are/were active in extra-curricular activities at school along with the club sport swhich means we were constantly on the go shuttling them to their activities 7 days a week.

Now that my boys have grown up I find myself transitioning to becoming an empty-nester

Once in a great while they are all home together and can spend time with each other---sometimes not even bickering! Sometimes they even cooperate as in the case of Matt and Nick destroying a perfectly good snowman. Good clean Wisconsin wintertime fun!

Todd, 20, is the oldest of the five kids by about a month, and, not coincidentily kept his his room the cleanest---which isn't saying much. Todd played high school soccer and captained the team as a senior...Somehow managed to latch onto a very well paying manufacturing job which means he's off my payroll
Nick, 20, is currently attending St. Thomas University where he continues to play soccer. Nick is always ready to try new things as long as it doesn't include bedroom cleanliness...Wants to become a professional soccer player when he grows up but we'd settle for "employed"
Matt, 19, is the funniest of the lot and can usually keep us laughing---when he isn't making us angry when he makes odd noises for no apparent reason. Matt just finished his first year of college but is now looking to spend a year "exploring the world" or joining the U.S. Navy
Sabrina, 17, a junior in high school runs track and plays basetball-helping her team to the state tournament this past spring.  She also fins time to hold down a part-time job. Unfortunately bedroom cleanliness is a solid D- but at least she goes to bed at a reasonable hour and avoids getting an "F" because of that.
Melaina The "Munchkin", now 16 and is probably the most active child I know. She runs track, plays basketbal, takes guitar lessons, writes for the school paper and has recently gotten into the theater and singing. Gets an F- in bedroom cleanliness only because the grading system doesn't go any lower
Kintla, now 4 years old, is the newest addition to our home.  Sometimes he's smart, sometimes he's an idiot but he's always happy to see me when I come home.  I have grand plans of taking this beast with me on my backpacking trips with hopes that  he can carry some of my gear when I'm old and decrepit. Kintla is by far the neatest of the bunch but still leaves his hair everywhere and is a messy eater.  Yumi hates him but is starting to come around.


Sabrina and Forest at prom, 2012
Matt finished his high school soccer career as an all-conference selection


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