The Packer Party Train

There was this guy at work (we'll call him "Dan" to protect his identity) who was, to put it mildly, one gullible bastard. In fact, I even had him believing that by wearing black Carhart jacket you were advertising that you were gay and looking. Anyway, one day during the football season Dan was wondering how he could drink and still get up to the Packer game that weekend. Simple: take the Packer Party Train! It stopped right in Manitowoc and only cost about $30 for the ride and included a buffet and all you can drink.

Here is a screen shot of what I whipped up and printed later that night so that I could show Dan this was a legit enterprise. And yes, I'm expecting to go straight to hell when I die.




Packer Party Train
Poor Dan fell for this hard. Sorry.
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