Hey! We're Getting Married!!! We Just Don't Know When Yet

The Timeline
7/15/04 Craig proposes to yumi at Helen Lake, Glacier National Park
1/01/05 No developments at this time though we have decided to try and sell her house during the summer of 2005 if we can ever get it cleaned up.
04/09/05 Still engaged but no developments at this time.
06/12/05 Yumi is getting serious about selling her house and has been getting rid of junk in the basement for a month now.
09/30/06 Deal is finalized...we're married!
Here we are at Noname Lake in Glacier National Park a week after becoming engaged

Yes, 'tis true. Yumi and I are getting married and we don't know when.

Here's the road block: Yumi's ex lives in Manitowoc which allows Nick to go to Manitowoc Public Schools even though Yumi lives in Two Rivers. Todd, Matt and myself also live in Manitowoc where they attend public schools. The problem is moving us to Yumi's house out of the Manitowoc school district. There is enough room at her place for all of us, but her place is not in the Manitowoc school district though with open enrollment there's a good chance they could still attend school in Manitowoc.

I believe that adding a new step-mother and three step-siblings to a new school would be too much for Todd and Matt to handle at one time.

I believe that Yumi would probably take a $20,000-$50,000 hit (that is, "loss" on her house if she had to sell.

Hence, our problem.

Added difficulties of living in Two Rivers

Shuttling the 5 kids to their different activities which includes 4 different soccer practices and games---including trips to Green Bay for Todd and Nick, Dance lessons, Figure Skating lessons, Track practice, basketball practice and camps. Note that gas is now up to $2.35 a gallon in the lakeshore area.

Isolation: There's nobody around for the kids to play with. Our time is also at a premium. I start work at 6:00 AM and help coach Matt's soccer team twice a week and Yumi is in school. Finding time to study is already difficult for her. Making the commute from TR over to the south side of Manitowoc to the high school and soccer fields is a 40 minute round trip by itself.

Lawn Care on that giant yard of hers is a 3-4 hour deal. Sometimes this has to be done twice a week. As you can surmise, we will already be very busy and pressed for time.

Will it be easier living in Manitowoc? Not by much, but the savings on gas, wear and tear on the vehicles and our time cannot be underestimated.The City of Two Rivers could pretty much be described with the following word: "shithole". The city is shrinking each day as senior citizen after senior citizen passes away with .


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