Ski Brule Weekend 2005


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For the third year in a row Yumi and I took the kids up to Ski Brule in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Again, the old geezers and Melaina would ski while the rest of the kids would snowboard.

We managed to arrive in the early evening even after making a wrong turn near Oconto. it was all my fault as I foolishly left Yumi to navigate on her own while I took a nap. While checking in it was discovered that the hotel had made an error and didn't have a second room for us. No problem: the boys would be living the high life in a jacuzzi suite for the night.

The weather cooperated with highs in the upper 20's. Matt's snowboarding instructor was an alternate on the US X-Games team and nobody got hurt, though iset a record for falling three times on one run---the only three times I'd wipe out during the weekend.

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