Rocky Mountain National Park 2005 Summer Tour

 A view of Moraine Park

This trip turned out to be my second leg of my western mountain trifecta. Yumi and the girls were going to be in Colorado Springs so that Sabrina could compete in the National State Games for figure skating. Figuring we could all meet up in Colorado and check out the mountains, Yumi suggested that the boys and I meet her out there, making a family vacation out of it. Good idea.

I, personally, did little to no planning for this vacation, in part because we weren't exactly sure when the trip would commence due to the boy's soccer schedules. Yumi had a little more planning to do with regards to flight schedules, hotel rooms, practice ice time and car rental dealing with the figure skating .

Once her plans were in place it was pretty much up to me to pick up our rental U-Haul trailer, pack the camping gear, do the grocery shopping and get the boys to Colorado Springs to pick up the girls and to reserve a campsite. Here we got lucky and got a site at Moraine Park which was close enough to Estes Park so that we could pick up groceries, do laundry and arrange for a rafting trip---and the numerous shops and restaurants!

We did have some ideas of what we wanted to do: Horseback riding, whitewater rafting and some dayhiking but would play it by ear as to when we would do each activity.

Easier than expected was the rendezvous with the girls. We figured to make it to Colorado Springs at about the time Yumi would be checking out of their hotel. All we had to do was find it, which proved to be no problem.

We originally planned to leave seperately on the 27th of july: The girls flying out to Colorado Springs for Sabrina's skating competition while the boys and I drove out and hopefully get in a 2-night backpacking trip before picking up the girls and heading north to the park. Matt's two soccer teams (U-12 and U-13) were doing quite well and were likely to be playing on Saturday, July 30 in the league championship game. there was also the slim possibility of Todd and Nick's team making it to the finals so we thought it would be better not to plan anything for the guys only.

While shorter than I would have liked things worked out as I was able to take the missed three days and add that to the back end of my August Glacier backpacking trip. Plus the girls had been away from home for a long time, Yumi even longer with her unexpected trip back to Japan to be with her sister.

The weather definitely did not cooperate and my camera was malfunctioning---as you will see if/when you visit my photo gallery's. Sorry about that. A new camera is forthcoming. Overall there was something for everyone, with the exception of enough shower time and sunshine.

The only real downer for the trip was learning about the missing park ranger's death. Our sympathies go out to Jeff Christiansen's family and friends.


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