Final Thoughts

Overall this trip was fun but seemed to be lacking something. I don't know if it was the boys and their propensity to bury their heads in video games or music while in the midst of beautiful country. Maybe it was because I'd rather see the country hiking instead of from an automobile? Maybe not being able to visit Glacier in July with only Yumi still had me down a little bit. Whatever the case, the trip was a bit disappointing in a way I still can't quite put my finger on. We all made it back home safe which is the most important thing.

The gang minus dorf (who is operating the faulty camera) at Bear Lake

However, for the most part the trip was very enjoyable despite the boys unruly behavior and the girls bickering from time to time. Everyone liked the rafting and the horse ride. I'm not sure, but I think everyone did like hiking into the backcountry. I hope so because that is what I enjoyed the most.

The area around Estes Park has grown far too large---much larger than Iremember it almost 30 years ago. That's too bad. I don't think mini golf courses and fast food restaurants have any place that close to the natural beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park. But that's me.

I would like to go back sometime and backpack the park while I am still able. I know there are probably better places very close to the park, without the crowds, but I guess I like the feeling of being isolated while in the confines of a federal entity. Seeing first hand what lengths search and rescuers will go to help find a missing person is comforting.

I think the next time we venture to the mountains, wherever it is, we'll stay at a NFS campground. While nice, the park grounds seemed to cram us in tight places. As aresult, something was missing there as well. We'll see what happens.


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