Wisconsin Dells, 2004

Todd, Dorf, Melaina, Nick, Yumi,Sabrina, Grandma Judy and Matt with Tiger cub at the Kalahari Resort Lobby

With summertime in full swing Yumi thought it would be a great idea to go down to the biggest tourist trap in the entire midewest...The Wisconsin Dells. This time we brought my mother along since she hadn't been in quite a long time, probably since I was a small boy. Needless to say she was shocked at how crass and commercialized this scenic area had become. I couldn't blame here as I felt the exact same way the year before when I made my first visit in decades myself.

Regardless, we all had a good time hitting the indoor and outdoor water parks and relaxing in very posh lodging at the Wilderness Resort.






Wisconsin Dells Tourism

Wilderness Resort

Kalahari Resort


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