Melaina became somewhat famous, receiving local television coverage for her origami crane project.

Melaina (a.k.a. the "Munchkin") is now 12 and still cute as a button

Melaina currently participates in high school basketball and track, qualifying for the D2 state track meet as a member of her schools' 4x200 relay. I can't keep track of all the other things she does, but it's a lot.

This girl could have a career as a singer as she's very gregarious and loud enough that she wouldn't need a microphone.

Very bright and is going to be a money-making machine when she's out on her own.  Some of her various enterprises have included dog walking, lemonade and hot chocolate stands, and selling Mulberry's from our tree.

Also gets a "F" in bedroom cleanliness. I used to cut her some slack because her old room was so small, but now I realize there's no hope.

Was brave enough to spend the night in an igloo I made in the backyard. Click here for the video.


Melaina and Sabrina helped their 4x200 meter relay team become state champions






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