Glacier National Park 2004 Summer Tour

Stoney Indian Pass
Yumi and Dorf at Stoney Indian Pass

Wow, what a trip. High mountain passes, grizzly bear, high alpine lakes and whitewater. I don't want to say it was the trip of a lifetime, but if I were to leave this world tomorrow, I leave knowing I've already seen heaven.

Really, this whole thing is the fault of some guy I can’t even remember who was camping in northern Wisconsin the same time my family was in about 1975. He was a backpacker and made an impression on this 12-year-old kid.

Fast forward to 1978. Mom and dad bought me an Svea 123 backpacking stove for Christmas. Was it to encourage me to get on the trail or were they just trying to get me out of their hair? I still haven’t figured that one out.

Really fast-forward to the winter of 2002-03. Yumi and I had just started seeing each other and decided it might be fun to take our entire tribe to the Tetons, Yellowstone and the Black Hills the next summer. To make a long story short, it was on day hikes to Mystic Falls in Yellowstone and Hidden Falls in the Tetons that stirred the backcountry traveler in me. In August 0f 2003 Yumi and I decided to go back out west and do some backpacking the next summer. She had never done this before, and my own experience was limited, so we were going to learn how to do this together.

If you want to come along and relive our trip you can start by clicking on the icons below. Or, if you prefer, navigate using the links on the left side of this page and jump around. Have fun.

Craig and Yumi

Screw the trip report...take me directly to the pics!


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