Wind River Backpack, July 2006

Yumi dwarfed while hiking in Indian Basin

Holy Cow! If someone would have told me that there was a place that could rival Glacier for sheer beauty I wouldn't have believed him.

The range itself is about 110 miles in length and 40 across covering a little over 2 million acres of land.Much of the Winds' crest forms the spine of the continental divide with many peaks rising over 13,000'. One would never imagine the desolate, dry ranchland south and west of the range would give way to an area of such beauty.

Four wilderness areas account for nearly 1 million acres of backcountry: The Bridger, Popo Agie, Fitzpatrick and the Wind River Roadless area. Countless lakes dot the area as well as many glaciers. The largest glaciers in the lower U.S. are found in the Winds.

Backpackers are not the only users of this magnificent wilderness. Rock climbers are treated to some of the best climbs in the country while fishermen are lured by a wide variety of trout found in most of the lakes and streams.

Even though we cut our backpacking short a few days we still saw enough to whet our (mine, actually) appetite for more as well as seeing a few places in Yellowstone we hadn't before.

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Trip 1: Big Sandy opening over Hailey Pass, Washakie Pass and back to Big Sandy opening

Trip 2: Elkhart park to Indian Basin and back

Yellowstone National Park and environs


Wind River Range
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Skull Lake
Dad's Lake
The Hike Out and chillin' in Pinedale
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Hobbs Lake
Indian Basin
Dayhiking Indian and Titcomb Basins
The Hike Out and chillin' in Pinedale IIt
Lewis Lake Camp Ground
Slough Creek Camp Ground
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