Glacier National Park 2005 Summer Tour I

Yumi helping with the packing. This is the only photo taken from our "trip".

Ever since departing Glacier last July after spending two weeks in the park I have been itching to return. It wasn't more than 5 minutes after leaving the park that day when Yumi told me we'd come back. I didn't think or even dare to hope that it would be this soon.

We got off to a good start and were running about 25 minutes ahead of schedule when we received a phone call from my son Todd. He told us that Yumi's step-mother had called. This would not be good news as Yumi had told her mother not to call unless her younger sister, Yuka, who is suffering from multiple cancer's was near her end.

A few minutes later at around 9:30 we puled into a service station in St. Cloud, MN, where Yumi called her mother back in Japan. The news was not good. The doctor's said Yuka had only a few days left and would be given morphine to help ease her pain in a day or two. Obviusly, we needed to get back and get Yumi on a plane so that she could be with her sister and family.

Yumi managed to summon up the strength to drive the entire 6 hours back home. During this time she insisted that I head back out the next afternoon. I thought about it, decided not to, then decided again to go. Then to not go. Then to go. I eventually drove out to Wyoming to visit the Cloud Peak Wilderness

We arrived back in Manitowoc shortly after 4 AM. Yumi made her flight arrangements quickly and went back home to pack.

I picked her up a few hours later and drove her to Austin Straubel Airport in Green Bay. All this time she insisted that I go back to Glacier, my favorite place on earth. Though I really wanted to I knew in my heart that I couldn't make it out there safely by myself on only 2 hours sleep. Besides, it wouldn't be fun without her there to share it all with.

When I got back from the Airport, younger son Matt said he'd go with me because he didn't want to see me depressed. What a lovely child. I would have loved to take him with me, but knew his soccer team was depending on him heavily for the playoffs. Thanks Matt. We'll do it another time.

As I write this Yumi is probably flying over Montana. I wish we could be there together, but she needs to be where she is going.


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