Glacier National Park 2007 Summer Tour

Dinner time at Lake Ellen Wilson during our backpacking trip.

"Honey, are we going to go back to Glacier next summer?"

That's all I needed to hear from my lovely wife, Yumi. She hadn't been back since our first visit there together in 2004, though I had returned in 2005, so I immediately began plotting what I'd hoped would be a trip that could compare to the first. I was especially excited to get back because that would mean I'd get trips to what are arguably the two greatest areas to backpack in the country within 2 weeks of each other. That doesn't suck at all.

That said, I didn't do a lot of planning for this trip, opting to concentrate my time and energy on my Wind River trip. Furthermore, after returning from the Winds, I was mentally and maybe a bit physically spent to the point of not even wanting to go to Glacier right up until a couple of days prior to our departure date.

While most of western Montana, including Glacier, was blanketed in smoke it was still great to get back. As Yumi said many times, "beauty has a way of coming through."

This report is going to be a rok in progress over the next weeks or even months. Life is flying by at warp speed for the next 6 weeks or so, but I'll eventually get this finished.

Thanks for understanding,

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