August, 2005: Glacier National Park 2005 Summer Tour

This was supposed to be my second trip to the park for the summer but instead turned out to be my first. I was determined to have a great time even though my best friendand companion, Yumi, wouldn't be there to share it with me. Instead, I'd be hiking with a fellow, Michael, I had never met and only spoken to on the phone a few times. I figured anyone who wanted to backpack in glacier couldn't be bad and forgot about what could have been and focused on exploring the "Crown of the Continent" with a new friend.

This adventure's itinerary was much more fluid than last year's over-planned vacation. We had one hiker back out at the last possible moment, had a 3-night hike cancelled due to bear activity and even Michael decided he missed his wife and keft early for home. No big deal. I found another guy, Andy, right next door to my campsite at Sprague Creek who was more than happy to come along on a two-night trip I procured as a walk up.

What can I say about Glacier National Park that wasn't said after our epic trip last summer? Nothing. Glacier continues to blow me away with each visit. The weather was just about perfect. There were no annoying horseflies. There were no murderous, blood-thirsty mosquitoes. There was so little rain that I don't even know why I'm even mentioning it now. What we did have was some of the most scenic terrain in the country and 10 days to take in as much as we could.

Enjoy the trip report.

Screw the trip report...take me right to the photos!

Glacier National Park, 2005
The Drive West
Arriving at Glacier
Dayhiking the Highline
Trip 1 Map
Bowman Lake
Lake Francis
Kootenai Lakes
Fifty Mountain
Granite Park
The Hike Out
Layover Day on the West Side
Trip 2 Map
Gunsight Lake
The Hike Out
The Drive Home
Final Thoughts
Trip Photos
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