Cloud Peak Wilderness Solo

The Cloud Peak Wilderness Area proved to be as rugged as it was beautiful.

After our Glacier trip was blown a mere 6 hours in, I spent the remainder of Wednesday in a massive funk. Thursday morning was no better. I was at work when it hit me: I'm going to Cloud Peak, dammit! I still had the vacation time to burn and didn't want to burn it in Wisconsin, that much I knew. I told the boss I would leave Friday after work and just do it.

I wasn't real sure how Cloud Peak would measure up to Glacier. I recall driving over Powder River Pass with the family on vacation when I was 13 and thought the Bighorns were the coolest mountains on the earth. Then two summers ago we came back from Yellowstone on 14 and I was amazed at how dry and arid the region looked. I suspected what I would find would lay somewhere in between: Nice, but nothing spectacular.

I didn't have any real planning to do as I had researched the area fairly well this spring when it seemed like Yumi and I wouldn't be able to get out to Glacier (Guess I was right about that). I had the map and guide book in my possession. All I had to do was get out there and hike.

I made a quick call to Rob Davison in Buffalo who had helped me with some questions about the area via e-mail. He told me conditions were great and to come on out. He would be in the Seven Brothers lakes area until Tuesday doing a bare ground survey for the NFS and I had hoped to meet up with him if time would allow. I was planning on spending 5 or 6 nights in the wilderness so I thought we might be able to meet up.

The trip never came off as I intended it to, and though short, got me the mountain fix at Glacier I had been cheated out of only a few days prior. Let's go...



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