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Mike, Manitowoc, WI
A co-worker of Dorf's for the past 16 years, this will not only will this be Mike's first trip with Dorf, but also his first-ever time sleeping in a tent, first trip into the mountains and first time stuck in a vehicle with Dorf for 17 hours. A police officer by training and a volunteer fire fighter, Dorf is counting on Mike for a smooth and quick evac if required.

  • I don't know if Mike has a good hat or not
  • I don't know if Mike will use toilet paper or not
  • I don't know if Mike snores
  • I do know that Mike is breaking all protocols by actually training for this adventure by running half marathons and other long distances.
  • Once gave me a headache when he told me to take a deep whiff of a large batch of 3M green body putty.

Dorf, Manitowoc, WI
This will be Dorf's (also known as "Rainman") 16th trip to the Rocky Mountains but only his second with a total greenhorn (Yumi, 2004).
  • Once ate four, 5-layer burritos from Taco Bell for lunch.
  • Though he didn't think it possible, Dorf Is in even worse shape than he was for last year's hike. I say that every year because it's true.
  • Suffered from two mammoth kidney stones during 2010's trip that required surgical removal upon returning home.
  • Did not produce any kindey stones during the 2011 or both 2012 trips


Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness I, 2013
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