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Bob, Oostburg, WI
This will be Bob's 4th trip with the geezers. having survived the Absaroka's and multiple trips into the Beartooths . Now on the wrong side of 60, Bob can get us AARP rates at motels and senior discounts at many fine eateries across the nation.

  • Official nickname is "Mile an Hour Bob"
  • Lives in a town where there is only one sit-down restaurant (Pizza Ranch).
  • Only fell down 3 times in the Beartooths last year
  • While his facial hair screams "manly man" he has kitties for pets.
  • Is now a huge Reckless Kelly fan
Ward, Windsor, WI
A mid-May addition to the crew, this will be Ward's 5th trip with me, making him my official lieutenant. This will also be Ward's 4th trip to the Beartooths. There is an outsie chance that Ward's son, Morgan, could also be coming along. TBD at a later date.
  • With his rugged good looks could pass for Survivorman
  • Still has the best hat I've ever seen.
  • Once summitted Fremont Peak, racing an oncoming T-storm to do so.
  • To the best of my knowledge is still the only grandpa in the group
  • Is still the only member of the Geezers to ever drive the now mothballed Trusty Santa Fe (2008)
Peter, Somewhere, WI
Peter is Ward's pal from church. That's all I know. Hopefully he isn't in good shape.
Randy, Plymouth, WI
Randy, otherwise known as "TiKnee" due to an artifical knee joint and his diminutive stature (get it?), will make his first foray into the wilderness with the Cheesehead Geezers. After we invited Randy and Keith to join us we discovered Randy works with Bob's wife--which means Bob has to be on his best behavior lest he gets ratted out.
  • Titanium is less than $11 per pound as of this writing.
  • The primary aspect of titanium is as a structural metal.
  • Almost 20% of the current world consumption of titanium is in form of titanium metal.
  • Titanium consumption is largely in the form of titanium dioxide.
  • Titanium dioxide is the principal component of paint. Houses are more beautiful when painted.
Dorf, Manitowoc, WI
This will be Dorf's (also known as "Rainman") 7th year as trip planner for this rapidly aging crew and 6th to the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. Known for his ability to survive for weeks without bathing or using toilet paper, Dorf has still managed to recruit two, possibly three, new cheesehead geezers for 2013.
  • Once ate four, 5-layer burritos from Taco Bell for lunch.
  • Though he didn't think it possible, Dorf Is in even worse shape than he was for last year's hike. I say that every year because it's true
  • Suffered from a mammoth kidney stone during 2010's trip that required surgical removal upon returning home.
  • Did not produce any kindey stones during the 2011 trip
Dan, Broken Arrow, OK
A late addition, Dan and I spent a year at Ripon College together before he got wise and transferred. To the best of my knowledge Dan has never backpacked before but his brother and I managed to talk him into it
Keith, Plymouth, WI
Keith, otherwise known as "Keith" happens to be the younger brother of an old college classmate of mine. That's all I know except that he and his buddy Randy are going to meet Bob and I on night 8 of our trip. We will camp together the next 4 nights.
  • Spends some of his vaction time at "adults only" resorts
  • Frequently wakes up before 7:00 to reserve lounge chairs
  • Once forged across a deep heaving bikini clad pool
  • Is a Chicago Bears fan but also likes the Vikings a lot because real vikings have cool pointy things on their hats.

A Special Invitation to this Unidentified Hot Blonde Hiker

Whoever you are, feel free to join us...please!

Each year I put out an invitation for some washed up ex-jock or my favorite musical group but, somewhat surprisingly, nobody has yet to take me up on my offer. While it saddens me that NFL interception King Brett Favre and the country rockers of Reckless Kelly couldn't enjoy the mountains with us old farts, the disappointment has made me realize that I've been setting my sights much too high. I mean really, what are the chances that celebrities would want to hike with a bunch of old men, anyway?

That is why 2013's special invite is going out to this lovely, yet unidentified, blonde hottie hiker, whom i just recently discovered while innocently looking for clip art of backpackers on Google.

Hopefully, my lovely wife, Yumi, isn't offended by this, but in case she is, let me explain.

First, we all know that owning a good hiking hat is the most important criteria in order to be part of the group and she has a great hat...among other things. Second, it is clear to me that her pack is nowhere near full which means she is able to carry some of our my extra gear thereby easing the burden on my cartilage-less knees. Third, she is young, fit and blonde. If some sort of medical emergency came about I have the utmost confidence that Blondie would be able to race back to civilization to get help in short order. Sort of like Lassie, but with two long tanned legs instead of four hairy ones. She's also better looking than Lassie and blonde which should almost certainly be of great benefit should the need to flag a ride arise. Did I say "arise"? Nevermind. Fourth, and perhaps most importantly, she's blonde.

So, whoever you are, if you see this and want to come along just send me an email and we'll get the logistics worked out. I won't hold my breath.

Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, 2013
The Hikers and this year's Special Invite
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