Trip Planning

A new area of the Beartooths I haven't yet visited...which shall remain a secret until we get back

I'm not gonna lie: I have no idea where I wanted to go this summer. It was like having trip planning writers cramp and my waffling and indecision disgusted me and probably Bob as well.

Plan A was to run out to Glacier, spend a few days there then do a short 4 or 5 night trip in Idaho's Sawtooth's and then take a few extra days to get back home exploring eastern Idaho and the Bitterroots. The rapidly increasing price of gas knocked that one out of the running even though I put a lot of time into it. At least now I have another hike ready to go for the future.

Plan B was to hit the Washakie and Teton Wildernesses in northwestern Wyoming but the lack of lakes kept gnawing at me even though there was a large waterfall that both Bob and I both wanted to make the bushwhack to see. I'm sure Nick might have been a little disappointed we weren't going to pass through the ghost town of Kirwin on the route.

Plan C: Save on some travel and do the Solitude Trail in the Cloud Peak Wilderness. I could be wrong, but it seemed too "boring" with not enough time above the treeline

Plan D entailed spending a week in the Cloud Peakdoing a short on and off trail loop I had devised several years ago. This was the least ambitious of the plans as we'd be making a few base camps and exploring Wilderness Basin and climbing Bomber Mountain. I have no idea why I scrapped that idea.

Finally, Bob and I decided on doing the Beartooths one more time, hitting some new territory as well as covering some old ground from trips past. The truth be told, I wanted Bob to see the Beartooths when there wasn't snow covering everything above the tree line.

No real planning for this one---just finding a route going somewhere I hadn't before and that's not too difficult for a real old guy, a guy with bad knees and at least one Canadian.

06/02/12 I think I've finally got a route hammered out
06/10/12 It doesn't look like NIck is going to be able to fanagle the time off to come along. Looks like me and Mile an Hour Bob
06/17/12 Out of the blue I get a text from the Canadian Dude asking what dates the trip is. He's gonna work on "meshing" his other trip west. I hope he can join us
06/19/12 Canadian Dude is attempting to get some other Cannuck to come along with him. I'm not sure I like the idea of polluting the Beartooths with 2 Canadian's at one time, but I'll try to mitigate the damage the best I can.
07/08/12 HORRIBLE LUCK! I was going to dehydrate my pizza sauce this weekend but my dehydrator started on fire when I plugged it in.
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