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Bob, Oostburg, WI
This will be Bob's third trip with the geezers. having survived trips to the Absaroka's and Beartooths the last two years. Now 60, Bob can get us AARP rates at motels and senior discounts at many fine eateries across the nation.

  • Official nickname is "Mile an Hour Bob"
  • Lives in a town where there is only one sit-down restaurant (Pizza Ranch).
  • Only fell down 3 times in the Beartooths last year
  • While his facial hair screams "manly man" he has kitties for pets.
  • Is now a huge Reckless Kelly fan
Dorf, Manitowoc, WI
This will be Dorf's (also known as "Rainman") 6th year as trip planner for this rapidly aging crew. Beset by physical and vehicular mechanical problems in 2009 and 2010, Dorf is looking for a problem-free repeat of 2011 this year.
  • Once ate four, 5-layer burritos from Taco Bell for lunch.
  • Though he didn't think it possible, Dorf Is in even worse shape than he was for last year's hike. I say that every year because it's true
  • Suffered from a mammoth kidney stone during 2010's trip that required surgical removal upon returning home.
  • Did not produce any kindey stones during the 2011 trip
Brad, The Great White North
Making a surprise appearance for his 3rd trip with the gang, Canadian Dude will be a welcome addition to the group for 2012. I'm so looking forward to hearing him say "eh" after being without it for 2 consecutive summers.
Jeff, The Great White North
This will be Jeff's first trip with the Geezers and will be the first east-coaster to participate. I don't know much about this guy other than he's from New York City but was banished to Canada for whatever reason and is now a probationary Geezer Newb. Hopefully he's not totally Canadian yet and limits his "eh's"
  • Supposedly has a tattoo of the New Kids on the Block on his chest according to Canadian Dude.
  • Could be the perfect hiker for me to rip on: from NYC and now Canada? It doesn't get any better than that.
  • I don't know if he eats Spam, but he will by the end of the trip
  • Allegedly has a bad knee which puts him in the majority

A Special Invitation for the Members of Reckless Kelly to Join the Cheeseheads

Reckless Kelly is: Jay Nazz, David Abeyta, Cody "The most versatile thing to come out of Idaho since the Potato" Braun, Willy Braun and Chris Schelske

RKTV (Reckless Kelly Televison)


Each year I put together what I hope is a killer MP3 disc forthe drive out West. Over the past 5 or 6 years these discs have been predominately country---mostly consisting of mainstream sissies like Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney. However, over the past few years my taste in this genre has evolved to Texas/Red Dirt artists.

My favorite of these formerly-unknown-to-me bands is Reckless Kelly. Originating from somewhere between Challis (ID) and Bend (OR), these country rockers have been a staple of my road tripping discs for the past three years. There's nothing better than cranking "Crazy Eddies Last Hurrah", "Motel Cowboy Show" or "Set Me Free" while cruising the "wicked twisted road".

So, boys, if any or all of you want to come along for some fun in the mountains just shoot me an email and we'll get it done. All we ask for in exchange is a short acoustic set around the camp fire some night after dinner. I've taken the liberty to check your show dates and discovered if y'all change the venue for your show on 7/28 from Helotes, TX to "somewhere in the Beartooths" the schedule works out perfectly! We promise you'll have plenty of time to get back to ID in time to take a shower and get some rehearsal time in for the Braun Brothers Reunion. We hope you can make it!

Now before you decline, and ultimately rue your hasty decision, I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you that the traitorous, x-rated texting Bert Favre didn’t accept my gracious invitation back in 2009---and look what that did for him. What was once a viable NFL force was reduced to a pitiful old man in a matter of months.

So, unless y’all want to “Favre” your careers and kill the momentum from the landmark GL&TL that’s fine. If you don’t mind your biggest gig of 2013 will be Maria Vasquez’s quincinera over in Laredo, so be it. If you don’t care you’re featured in a “Where are they now” piece in the Dallas Star that’s fine with me, but I think you ought to seriously consider joining your two biggest Wisconsin fans in the mountains to make that next leap to superstardom nothing more than stepping over armadillo dung.

Hell, we’d probably even settle for just Nazz because, let’s be real, any monkey could sit in and play the drums for one gig. Plus I’d really love to see what he could do with a slice of Spam and a packet of jelly at dinnertime. Let’s see “what you got”, Nazz.


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