Beartooths Backpacking 2009

Hopefully we'll be campinng very near "Heaven"(Sierra Creek) in the middle of the trip.

Well, it's not even 2009 yet and here I am frothing at the mouth planning for next summer's backpacking trip. I have the unenviable task of trying to surpass last year's epic hike, but am well on my way to doing so with the help of Brad (aka Canadian Dude) and the usual cast of characters.

There's not a lot left to put here since most of the planning and logistics is taken care of, but feel free to get on over to the planning and itinerary pages for information I have available at this time. There will be more (like there was any doubt) as it becomes available.

I also went on another legendary gear shopping spree just before christmas so there will be some new gear put through its paces between now and then, if only in the backyard or local parks.

As of today (March 25) most of the logistics are taken care of.  The Kid, Canada and I will actually be spending 9 nights in the backcountry while Reed and Ward will leave us after 7 nights due to some family committments.

I have to believe that this might be the most enjoyable trip yet  in that the collective sense of humor of our little group is going to make for some interesting dialogue. E-mails have been flying back and forth, probing for weaknesses to exploit during the post-dinner banter. Should be a great time.

8/7/09     Photos can be found here. A trip report will be slow in coming but it will get done.

Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness
The Hikers
New Gear!
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Trouble Near the Trailhead
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Rainbow Lake
Dewey Lake
Rock Tree Lake
Castle Lake
Above Donelson Lake
Sky Pilot Lake
Keyser Brown Lake
The Hike Out and Other Fun
The Drive Home
The Drive Home Part II
Final Thoughts
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