Road Trip Tunes

2012's drive will be heavy on Reckless Kelly and other red dirt bands

Every year I come up with at least one new MP3 disc to get me from Wisconsin to wherever it is I'm going---which is at least 16 hours away. The beauty of the trusty Rav4 is that it can play Mp3 discs as opposed to the trusty Santa Fe's ability to play regular old CD's. The difference is about 7 hours of music which means I can load the CD changer, which holds six discs, and not have to do anything but hit "play" once I leave the driveway.

I have to admit that my musical taste varies from the obscure to mainstream 80's to red dirt and to grunge. Essentially anything with a good tempo will hold my interest, but not necessarily the interest of my fellow travelers.

Driving to Pinedale, WY with Reed and Ward was an interesting drive. At that time, I had started listening to mainstream country---much to my wife's dismay. Ward likes country, Reed did not. I think it's safe to say that Reed hates country music but he liked "Sweet Melissa " by the Allman Brothers which seems country to me.

Canadian Dude likes the Foo Fighters. Good---so do I most times. But he really disliked Dierks Bentley's "Free and Easy" as much as Ward likes it---which is why we played that about 14 times when driving back from the Beartooths in 2008.

Tye likes country, being a Kentucky boy and all. I'm not sure about Steve and Lee's musical tastes, but "Mile an Hour Bob" is a huge country fan, but he liked that weenie country stuff until I turned him onto RK. I still think I'm going to blast him with some heavy doses of Foo on the way out this year---just to broaden his horizons and to keep him from sleeping too much.

2012's Roadie Selections (pdf's)


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