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I'm sure some of you are reading through some of my trip reports and thinking "damn, that guy writes a lot" or "damn, that's a lengthy trip report" or "damn, doesn't this guy ever shut up?" Well, it might surprise you to know that my trip planning goes to unnecessary lengths as well.

But I don't care since every trip has come off without a hitch--except for kidney stones, and the occasional car trouble.

Here's how I go about it...as briefly as I can

My first step is finding a destination for the next epic adventure. Usually this is done by finding a photo online that grabs my attention. The inspiring photo might come from a post on the backpacker.com message boards or from googling images. Sometimes, like in the case of my first trip to the Bighorns, it's a distant memory from a childhood trip with mom and dad. Whatever tickles my fancy I tend to investigate.

Once an area has piqued my curiosity I begin surfing Google Earth, finding names of lakes or other points of interest I can do a Google Image or web search for as well as other trip reports I find online using those key words. Generally, however, I have a decent idea of where I want to go based on areas I may have missed out on previous trips.

Once my destination is confirmed I dig into Google Earth even more if the hike is going to take place in a designated wilderness area such as the Winds or Beartooths. I try to get a handle on areas suitable to camp, generally at 6 mile intervals. Even without a decent camps site possibilities evident on GE, I've come to realize that you can carve out a campsite almost anywhere. Yumi and I once camped on the southern flank of Pyramid Peak in the Winds, and that crazy Canadian Dude managed to find us a stellar site amidst nothing but rock at 10,800' in the Bighorns.

To be continued sometime...

July, 2011
Winter camping in the Beartooths in July
teton August, 2010
6 nights in the heart of the Absaroka mountains
July, 2009
Another 7 nights with the crew in the Beartooths
August, 2008
7 nights in the Beartooths with Ward and the Canadian
July, 2008
5 nights in the Bighorns with a Canadian

August, 2007
Yumi and I return to GNP for some fun

July, 2007
6 nights in the heart of the Northern wind Rivers
August, 2006
A 3-night solo in the Absaroka-Beartooth
July, 2006
Yumi and I spend 8 nights in the Wind Rivers
Aug-Sept., 2005
Dorf gets his GNP fix with 8 nights on the trail
July, 2005
A quickie solo in the Cloud Peak Wilderness
July, 2005
Our return to GNP aborted 6 hours in :-(
July, 2004
Two weeks of camping and backpacking in Glacier.
September, 2004
Yumi and I get to the Porkies before fall arrives
July, 2004
Yumi and I take the kids to the Porkies
June, 2004
Todd and I prove that last years' Newport debacle was no fluke
October, 2003
Yumi and I test some more gear and nearly die
September, 2003
Yumi and I decide to do a little camping & test gear


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