Back By Popular Demand...More Hiker Awards! Food Edition

Let's just strap on the ol' feed bag and get right into it. This is a work in progress so be patient

Best Post-Hike Meal

Pizza pizza

There have been a few good ones over the years but the winning entry comes from downtown Pinedale, Wyoming, and the Wind River Pizzeria. We were hiking out from the Winds in 2007 and were ready to eat something better than what we were in the mountains so whenever we crossed paths with an outfitter I assumed they'd know of what they speak. The WRP was the near-unanimous choice and now they again get my stamp of approval. They even let us clean up in their employee changing room after the hike out through streams of horse crap!


Pistol Pete's breakfast of champions

Best Pre-Hike Breakfast

This is a no-brainer for anyone that know me. There is one breakfast I will travel out of my way for, and that's the breakfast burrito at Pistol Pete's in Buffalo, Wyoming. Now I'm not convinced the kitchen would pass a Wisconsin health inspection but I don't really care. The burrito is large, stuffed with all good things and topped with a spicy green chili sauce. Mmmmmmm good.

Best Cheeseburgers in the Mountain Time Zone

When we were trapped in Glendive as part of the great mule deer debacle, it was our good fortune to have spent the night across the road from the Yellowstone River Inn and their stupendous bison ranch bacon cheeseburgers. Even Bob, who has been alive way more than I said his cheeseburger was the best he's ever had when we returned in 2011. We're planning on making our third visit in July of 2012.

The Northern Lights in beautiful Polebridge, MT

Most Unique Eatery

This is another easy one: The Northern Lights Saloon in beautiful downtown Polebridge, MT, just west of Glacier National Park. Totally off the grid, this little slice of heaven puts out some very good eats which even surprised the finicky Yumi. Located in a cabin built around the turn of the century, thew cabin wouldn't pass pass a Wisconsin health inspection either but I don't really care. Friday night is "Pizza NIght" but they only have two kinds: Meat and No Meat. Get it with meat.

While you're in Polebridge, make a point to stop at the Merc next door and pick up some awesome baked goods for breakfast the next day. Good stuff. Tip: the jalapeno bread will keep nicely in your backpack for a day or two and makes a great addition to any dinner.

Best Ambiance

The Park Cafe, St. Mary's Montana. I don't know if you can call it "ambiance" or not but eating here is always fun because it seems like it's always busy. The pie is supposedly to die for, but you'd never convince me that my life is worth it. Still, it is pretty good.

Favorite Backcountry Lunch

For me, nothing tastes better than a peanut butter and jelly wrap with some sour cream & onion Lays Stax. Not only do the salty chips do my body good, but the lightweight plastic container makes for a great garbage receptacle or emergency drinking vessel or even a middle of the night pee bottle. I usually bring two tubes with me for a week out: one SC&O and one bbq flavored.

The Park Cafe in St. Mary, MT

Biggest Backcountry Culinary Disaster

Here's how you screw up a meal: Take some Stovetop Stuffing, cheddar cheese, Spam, glom it all together and eat it---even if it tastes like crap. I'd rather not go into further detail, thank you very much.

Best Impromptu Dinner Ever

In 2008 on night 4 in the Bighorns with Canadian Dude I wasn't feeling whatev I had planned to eat that night. I rummaged through my food bag and it hit me: A tuna melt quesedilla with bacon! It turned out great and has been on the menu for at least one dinner every trip since.

Best Backcountry Meal Ever

This is cheating, but during our 2007 Glacier trip Yumi and I stopped at the Sperry Chalet during their lunch serving hours and had the tastiest fried egg sandwiches and soup ever served. 'Twas also the most expensive but that didn't matter. Damn that was a good fried egg sandwich.

Best Gas Producing Meal Ever

NO contest for this one. July 2004. Mokowanis Junction. Glacier National Park. The Victim: Yumi. The Perpetrator: Isle Royale Salmon Chowder.

I wanted to have at least one meal that Yumi could call "seafood" on the trip so I scoured the internet to find the simplest dinner I could find that used pouch salmon. I found one. We ate it. It was good. Then it started. At bedtime. In the tent. Even without the rainfly there was no escaping it. Legendary to the point that Yumi still has nightmares about it.



July, 2011
Winter camping in the Beartooths in July
teton August, 2010
6 nights in the heart of the Absaroka mountains
July, 2009
Another 7 nights with the crew in the Beartooths
August, 2008
7 nights in the Beartooths with Ward and the Canadian
July, 2008
5 nights in the Bighorns with a Canadian

August, 2007
Yumi and I return to GNP for some fun

July, 2007
6 nights in the heart of the Northern wind Rivers
August, 2006
A 3-night solo in the Absaroka-Beartooth
July, 2006
Yumi and I spend 8 nights in the Wind Rivers
Aug-Sept., 2005
Dorf gets his GNP fix with 8 nights on the trail
July, 2005
A quickie solo in the Cloud Peak Wilderness
July, 2005
Our return to GNP aborted 6 hours in :-(
July, 2004
Two weeks of camping and backpacking in Glacier.
September, 2004
Yumi and I get to the Porkies before fall arrives
July, 2004
Yumi and I take the kids to the Porkies
June, 2004
Todd and I prove that last years' Newport debacle was no fluke
October, 2003
Yumi and I test some more gear and nearly die
September, 2003
Yumi and I decide to do a little camping & test gear


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