May 12, 2012

Major changes have been happening to us over the past few months.

First, we moved out of that mammoth beast we've called home for the past 7 years and into the home I grew up in. With Nick off at college, Todd striking out on his own and Matt spending most of his time at school and work, the 6 bedrooms and the heating/cooling bill seemed a little ridiculous so we made the decision to get out. This required quite a few improvements at the old house to get it ready for sale: carpeting, paint inside and out, minor repairs, etc.

But to move into the new old place we had some renovations that needed to get done first. I made the brilliantly stupid decision to gut the basement ad start fresh to create more liveable space to watch television, study, escape from the noise, etc..

I also transformed one room into a dorm-like space for the boys should they ever decide to spend any time here with us in the future. The egress window was a real joy to work on with as the neighbor's dog sticking his nose into my business at every opportunity but it got done.

Now that all of those fun projects are complete, I'm turning my new-found home improvement skills into creating the mother of all laundry/storage areas. The planning is complete, but I'm not taking this on until the fall of 2013 or when we sell the big house.

Noting that it's been a while since I've given this site a facelift, I decided to do that too. I've been converting the old pages to the new look as time permits. Expect some broken links, missing images and pieces that don't quite fit the way they are supposed to. I'll get to fixing it whenever I can.




Nothing ever gets updated except for the backcountry page so I'm not sure why I'm even bothering with this right now.

My lovely wife sometimes has problems with American metaphors or pronunciation of certain letters. If I remember any of them long enough to post here, I'll do so.

One of my favorites:

Yumi once worked at the World Trade Center as a translator for a Japanese bank shortly after coming to the states in the 80's. One day, she came back from her lunch hour all excited.

"Why are you so happy, Yumi" asked one of the ladies.

"I pumped my own gas for the first time ever!"

"Good for you. where did you go?"

"The testicle station"


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